Help Pat Duffy's Mission in Nicaragua

I hope this letter reaches you doing well and prospering in 2007. I want to thank those of you who have become supporters of this Nicaraguan Mission. For those who have not yet become Mission Partners, I invite you to do so this year. Every small gesture of giving makes a difference in the lives of real people and always returns to the giver. 





It is amazing to see how many things have happened in Nicaragua since a small group (Marybeth Wolber – Nolan, Patti Ryan – Reis, Julie O. and Elaine Hendy – James and I) met up during my last visit home in 2006. Tim Reis really got the ball rolling when he visited me in Nicaragua and participated in a Water Project with a Team who is offering their assistance to the community where I work. This year Tim is coming down with his family on a solidarity vacation. If you want to see what I am doing go to:




You can help this year in a number of different ways by:


·         Learn and pray for the Nicaraguan people.


·         Think about doing a come and see experience.


·         Make a tax deductible donation.


·         Donate a used computer.




At the end of the year in December, if I can find an adventurous group, I am planning to organize a Mission Insertion – Retreat in the Mountains. If you are interested in coming let me know.




I also have set a goal to get 50 donated computers sent here to help set up a Training Program for Rural youth at risk. I already have a way to get them shipped here. We hope to train some poor rural youth in basic Computer Skills,  use software and Internet resources to bring their academic level up to par and most of all help them find a new hope for their future.






Here is how you can help: 


  1. Read my site:  


     I will be sending more information each month.


  1. Write me if you want to come here some day.










  1. To Donate a Computer. You can send it to or contact Kevin Duffy at:




Kevin W Duffy  |   ReMax Unlimited 


724 Dorgene Lane   |   Cincinnati, OH 45244 

Toll-Free Phone: (800) 952-3194 

Phone: (513) 602-6000 

FAX: (513) 766-0678 

Mobile Phone: (513) 602-6000 

          4. You can make a Tax Deductible Donation thru:










           CINCINNATI, OHIO 45255-4763


         PLEASE specify for:


         Pat Duffy, Jr. 2007 Nicaragua Mission






May God be with you this year and may you experience the Joy and Peace that only He can give!




Your brother in Christ,




Patrick T. Duffy, Jr.











Missionary Pat Duffy in Nicaragua

Sunday, 21 January 2007


Dear Family and Friends!

Greetings in the New Year!

I hope that you all are doing well and have started this New Year full of hope and energy to live life to the fullest and committed to helping make this World a more human and better place for all of Gods family.

Here we have begun with lots of plans and activities for 2007. I am trying to get a blog set up to share more of the work you are a part of here thru your prayers, support and friendship.

The past two days have been very full days. I went ahead with a small loan and bought an old 1987 Toyota Pick Up, 4 door, Diesel. It is a work horse and is in great shape. Even though it is 20 years old all the mechanics’ highly recommended me to go with it, because it has a great recently overhauled motor and the suspension is much better than the newer trucks. Damarys Mom came up with the Trucks name, Fabiola. She´s an old Truck, but she’s a tough one!

Over the past three days I have driven her over 1000 kilometres and on some rough roads. Fabiola loved it and so did I. I will send you her picture soon. I visited La Garnacha and met with a number of different pastoral groups who are doing great work there. This is an area the Brothers and I are working on getting a mini-Computer School and Rental Internet shop set up in the Parish House. The goal of this venture is to create a source of income for the Parish and help support a group of Lay Woman who want to live and work in the Pastoral Area of San Nicolas: an area that is made of up 24 communities spread out up and down the mountain sides of the Tisey Reserves. Some communities in the Parish take up to 4 hours to reach by hiking. This Parish is located in one of the poorest Rural Sectors of Nicaragua and has one of the highest suicide rates in Latin America, needless to say, the work of the Church in this sector is of great importance. This year, the Brothers and I, with the Lay Leaders have a special plan to reach out to the youth, as well as many other activities to bring hope and a better life to these people. I am planning to help in the area of Adult Christian Formation with the Lay Leaders of this Parish, as well as other activities. 

On my way home from this visit, I stopped for break feast and ate a corn bread tortilla with a chunk of cheese (a Nicaraguan delicacy). As I walked out of the old beaten up Tin Trailer Restaurant I was approached by three street vendors offering to sell me hammocks. I told them I was sorry I just bought one from a blind woman who is slowly becoming paralyzed from the feet to the shoulders. One of them accepted my excuse, but the other asked me for money to buy a güirila, because he was hungry.

I got into the truck, crossed the street and parked Fabiola in front of the Sebaco Market. When I got out I was swamped by street vendors selling vegetables by the handful. I had to push them out of my way to get to the booth where I decided ahead of time to buy a few veggies. I purchased some carrots and celery and they tried filling my bags and offering me discounts to buy more. They moved and talked so fast they confused me with the prices and the amounts. I finally told them forget it the whole order. They apologized and adjusted to my requests.

On the way back to the car a drunken homeless man spotted me from a distance and was at the door to open it for me with his hand out. I looked him in the eye and said, “Thanks Brother! Have a great day!” He said, “you too and smiled at me!”

I got in Fabiola, crossed street and entered the gas station. I got out checking to watch the attendants to make sure there was no pump rigging (a practice that happens some times at certain Gas stations). Before I could look at the pump, a street kid about 4 years old, dirty from head to toe, came and stood right in front of me. He also held out his hand. I began to talk and joke with him. I told him I wanted to a buy piece of gum or some thing; because it is better to sell some thing than to simply beg. He just looked at me and smiled. I then told him it was better to work a few hours and get your butt in school. He agreed. The gas pump also attendant also agreed. I told the little guy the next time I come by I was going to check with the Gas Station attendant to see if he was in school and not just hanging out and begging on the Streets. Then I would become his client. 

On my way home, along the high way, I saw a Tractor Trailer had turned over going down a long steep slop. A group of people and cars had pulled over to watch. There were some folks trying to help, but not an ambulance or Police man in sight. One of the drivers in a SUV offered to take the guy in the back of his car. We tried to unload the back seat and put down the back seats so the guy could fit in. The back seat was full of boxes and we couldn’t get the seats down. The guys who had lifted the bleeding man said, “No just put him in and GO!” So they put him the back of the SUV. One man got in the back and held the guy in his lap. He had his legs dangling over the back of the SUV. He bent the legs of the wounded man up in the air and with out shutting the Door the SUV (hood up and feet dangling out the back) they took off for the closest hospital, which was probably an hour or more away.

End of first trip in Fambiola.

On my second trip in Fabiola, I drove Fr. Donald, a Nicaraguan Priest who is the director of a Catholic School here to another Assembly. He mentioned that along the way we would see kids begging for water, because of the huge water problems in the Region. The front page article in the morning paper alerted about water contamination, stating that there have been 21 people who have died from massive water contamination over the past two years. These were the areas we passed thru on our way to the Assembly. As we drove along the Highway, we saw the kids and people standing on the road under a blazing hot Sun asking for spare change and water. Most of them had shovels in their hands and were working to fill in pot holes in order to earn some spare change or water from the passer-by’s.

After a 4 hour drive on fairly decent roads we arrived to the Assembly. There we were renewed by a creative Eucharistic Celebration prepared  by a youth group and committed folks who have been working for years to solve some of these problems. Part of the Homily reflection was an effort to analyze some of the larger causes to the widespread Poverty that is the daily life for the majority of the Nicaraguan people.

On the way home we stopped as the kids waved us down. Everyone in the Truck and those riding in the back shared what we had left from the trip: a little water, a few cookies, and a few left-overs from Lunch. As some one handed one little girl a bottle of water I saw her eyes light up as if she was being given 2.5 litres of Coke Cola (Here in Nicaragua you can find a bottle of Coke Cola easier than a bottle of water, which is also more expensive).

As we arrived to Managua the Sun was going down, the sky was an array of different coloursm mixed with numerous cloud formations. Nicaragua is a physically beautiful Country. Those in the Tourist Business say it is the next Costa Rica. Only God know what the future of Nicarugua holds. 

For me, the natural beauty of Nicaragua, side by side, the people who love life so much and who struggle so hard just to survive, most of the times with a smile on their face, touch me again and again. I am grateful to be able to live and work here.

As I made my way home, I silently thanked God for the opportunity to be here, and especially for the Church who must always remain committed to the poorest of the poor and to those human beings who live on the margin. I also remembered that all of us, we are the Church!

“And he said to them, ´Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation” (Mark, 16:15)


Thanks for caring,

Love, Pat.



P.S. Peace and have a great 2007!



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