Do you really like Turkey?

Every year I really wonder why we drag this big bird home and try to stuff it in the oven. 9 out of 10 times it is bland and dry. Most cooks are lucky to cook a good turkey even if they do it a couple times a year. My wife has it figured out. A big ham cooked at 200 degrees for 12 hours setting in an inch of Coke. If you have more ideas to ban this bird let me know.

Learn to Ice Skate in Cincinnati


Learn to Skate Cincinnati offers a variety of programming. Classes for all ages and abilities are offered in recreational and competitive skating. The hockey program offers basic skating and stick handling lessons as well as power skating. They use the Skate with US program designed by the United States Figure Skating to aid in learning and skating enjoyment.


Union Township: Cincinnati Suburb Property Appreciation and Parks

Did you know that in 2001 there were 409 sales in Union Township outside Cincinnati Ohio the average sale price was $166,470. In 2005 there were 450 sales the average price was up to $177,800.  Union Township also boarders the Cincinnati Nature Center Visit the Township site for more information HERE! 


Want to buy or sell a Home in Union Township in Clermont County, Cincinnati Ohio?  Please visit our website.  The property listings are there. 


Anderson Township Ohio: Cincinnati Suburb Property Appreciation and Map

Did you know that in 2001 there were 671 sales in Anderson Township outside Cincinnati Ohio the average sale price was $222,435. In 2005 there were 691 sales the average price was up to $265,111.  Visit the Township site for more information HERE!  From the township site you will find a map of this Cincinnati community.





Want to buy or sell a Home in Anderson Township in Hamilton County, Cincinnati Ohio?  Please visit our website.  All the property listings are there. 


Photographs of Newborn Cincinnati Babies




Bennett Photographs  is a new business in West Chester, Ohio that specializes in black and white hand tinted photography for infants 6 weeks and under. This is not a business that competes with wedding photographers. Their mission is to provide black and white, hand-tinted photographs of newborn babies that will remind parents of their child’s fragile and tender beginning. The Bennett’s started their business in Hagerstown Maryland 7 years ago.


Busy Cincinnati ReMax Realtor

This is a Question that many people ask. Some think that it is a Realtor who is showing allot of homes, some think it is a person who is on the phone all the time, holding open houses, setting appointments. The real question should be what is an effective realtor? The answer is a Realtor who finds people who have a  vital, serious need to buy or sell real estate.

Is every Cincinnati Realtor a Top Agent?

If you read some of the things I get in the mail, you would think that every agent could be the best agent in the world. Many agents list the number of years they have been in the business as an asset. The other day an agent told me they had 10 years of experience. When I looked at their performance they would have been made more income if they were being paid minimum wage. In today’s competitive market make sure your agent has sold at least 20 homes in the past year. the average agent in Cincinnati only sells 5 1/2 homes a year.

New Full Service Hospital Planned for Greater Cincinnati Area

The West Chester Medical Center at University Pointe is the first full service hospital built from the ground up in over 25 years in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Health Alliance recently broke ground on a 370,000 square foot new community hospital at the University Pointe Medical Campus.  The 29-acre site is located just off Cox Road in West Chester.  The new hospital is slated for completion in late 2008 and will offer surgical, outpatient and imaging services as well as a state-of-the-art emergency medical department.  This high-tech health care facility is expected to bring 800 new jobs to the community.  Current plans target 160 hospital beds, with future expansion capabilites allowing 300 beds.  The $207 million dollar project is a highlight in West Chester development news.

Guest blogger Linda Davis samples Graeter's Ice Cream

Kevin Duffy was kind enough to send me 6 pints of Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Ironically, the ice cream arrived today, one of the hottest days ever in Eastern, Connecticut with temperatures in the upper 90’s and heat indexes well above 100 – very unusual for the shoreline of Connecticut.  While the Chocolate Mint Chips was my personal favorite, my husband was wildly enthusiastic about the Black Raspberry Chip.  I took some time to visit the Graeter’s Website and read about the history of the Graeter family and their deep roots in Cincinnati.  The family has been making ice cream since 1870 using the French Pot process which accounts for the irresistible creaminess.  Additionally, I discovered that the Graeter’s made dandy candy!  Perhaps I can convince Kevin to send me some!