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Listing Report 04/02/2013
Listing Report for for 04/02/2013 on the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network
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Your Listings’ Performance Metrics 03/26/2013-
Home photo
784 Fairway Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45245
For Sale: $117,000
3 beds | 1 baths | 1,316 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 19 61
Search List Views: 1,881 4,330
Home photo
3900 Jefferson Ln, Amelia, OH 45102
For Sale: $195,000
3 beds | 2 baths | 1,780 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 10 42
Search List Views: 4,154 12,488
Home photo
5013 Barnsby Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $238,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,534 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 42 491
Search List Views: 1,917 19,261
Home photo
1275 Kilbrannen, Batavia, OH 45103
For Sale: $185,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,153 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 21 143
Search List Views: 1,523 12,614
Home photo
5558 Bentwood Dr, Mason, OH 45040
For Sale: $290,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,570 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 50 635
Search List Views: 1,621 16,595
Home photo
674 Dorgene Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $350,000
4 beds | 4 baths | 3,508 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 26 400
Search List Views: 984 13,866
Home photo
4141 Race Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45211
For Sale: $70,000
3 beds | 2 baths | 1,533 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 9 263
Search List Views: 766 26,629
Home photo
1149 Westchester Way, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $310,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,920 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 20 683
Search List Views: 1,058 24,669
Home photo
5141 Chukker Point Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $415,000
4 beds | 5 baths | 3,323 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 16 594
Search List Views: 903 29,993

Polo Fields Homes for sale
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Polo Fields Homes for sale

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“Need some DON’T buy that house if it has….”advice?



You don’t have to be a “do-it-yourselfer” to spot some obvious “warning signs” when looking at houses. Here are some simple tips and things to look for when house hunting! Remember that having a certified inspector take a look at the home you choose to put an offer on is vital to saving money down the road. With these tips you can rule out homes that look “nice”, but have costly issues, before you get to that point.

From the curb.

Before you enter the house, take a walk around the outside. Look at the foundation. Is the landscaping angled away from the home to control water run-off? If water is pooling near the foundation this can cause deterioration of the foundation and be a sign of leaking in the basement if the house has one. Also, notice if there are any cracks in the foundation. Large cracks and walls that appear uneven can be a warning sign of bigger problems. Take a step back to the curb and look at the roof. If there is obvious bowing or shingles appear to be coming up, the roof might need to be replaced. Also, large old trees can be nice to look at, but if they are too close to the house there is danger of roots growing into the foundation. They can also be a hazard in bad weather if they are leaning towards the house.

Once inside the house, start on the lowest floor and work your way up.

If the home has a basement or crawl space, take a look. Pooling water or mold on walls is an obvious hazard and sign of leaking. Look for cracks in foundation walls and signs of walls that are leaning. If everything appears to be solid take a look around for the electrical box and furnace. Both of these need to be in good working order and up to standards for the state you live in.  According to the FHA guidelines, electrical should be at least 60-watts, if it appears to be running the appliances that are present sufficiently. For homes with all electric, heating and appliances, 200 watt amperage is recommended. Take a look around the furnace for pipes that are broken or disconnected.

Main living area, kitchen and bathrooms.

While you’re looking around to see if you like the layout of the house, take a look at the walls and ceilings. Are there cracks that appear deeper than just the paint? Do the walls appear even and free of holes or areas that “look” repaired? In kitchen and bathrooms, check under the sinks for leakage and mold.  Look around walls near bathtub and sinks for signs of water damage and mold. Mold can be dangerous as well as pricey to get rid of. Check the pressure of the water if possible and notice if water appears to drain easily. Check for discoloration and mold around window sills and doors. Windows and doors a can both be pricey to replace.

There are a million and one things to consider and worry about when purchasing a “new” home, but with a little sleuthing and a basic idea of the most important and most expensive items to replace/repair, you can save yourself a lot of time and money! Happy hunting!

Finding obvious signs of deterioration might not be as hard as you thought!

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Exciting Year In Real Estate!

The climate of the housing market and in the state of the United States economy as whole is warm. Top economists are making predictions left and right. Leaders in the Obama administration are making proposals for improving the unemployment budget deficit and creating tax reforms along with a plethora of other proposals, reforms and bills. Basically, the state of the economy is not great, but according to former treasury secretary, Paul O’Neill, “We are moving forward at a pretty gradual pace,” he said. “But I don’t think things are terrible.” CNBC Real Estate Reporter, Diana Olick is in agreeance, according to her blog on Thursday January 20, 2011, where she stated, “Today’s numbers were hands down, no argument, really good news for the housing market, but we’re not out of the woods yet.” We might be heading up hill, but not without some pushing. In another blog, Olick said that, “High inventories and lower prices will either be too much for sellers to stomach or create the kind of bargain-buying bonanza that the market needs to find its footing.” Let’s just hope that improved tax reforms will create more revenue for the average American, which will improve consumer confidence. If Obama can come through with his plans to create margin in the jobless to employed ratio, then come spring, the market will start looking much more positive.

Let’s hope for some big improvements that will yield to a very exciting year in real estate!

Impressive October Real Estate Sales Show Signs of Recovery

Real Estate data indicates that the overall housing market is slowly improving

Price declines are getting smaller, sales volume is getting larger and the overall real estate market appears to be mending.  October sales were up for pre-existing home sales, 23.5% up compared with October of 2008.  Homes sales for October were predicted to be 5.70 million, but the sales volume turned out to be 6.1 million.

Encouraging words are being spoken about real estate by NAR’s chief economist who stated that, “Existing home sales have already bottomed. Home prices are almost there. We are seeing less of a decline in house values.”

Approximately one third of home sales in October were made by first time home buyers taking advantage of the first time home buyer tax credit.  The median home price fell 7.1%, still affected by distressed properties which accounted for 30% of October’s home sales .

In addition, inventory of homes for sale has dropped slightly, indicating that the housing market is indeed recovering slowly.  Tax incentives, low mortgage rates and decreasing home values continue to make their mark, helping real estate sales to increase.  The housing market’s recovery will hopefully seep into the minds of consumers, giving a bit of peace and spurring on recovery in other sectors.

But do not be fooled, new home sales are the real predictor of the state of our economy.

Real Estate Appears to be Leveling Out

Real estate appears to be stabilizing across the Country

A recent report shows improvement in real estate across the country.  The well known S&P/Case-Schiller index shows that the 10 city index and the 20 city index a marked improvement in real estate in the majority of cities that it tracks.  What the reports displays are small improvements or minimal devaluation in home values.  Home values are up anywhere from .1% to 3.4% in ten cities. In other areas real estate values have remained flat and in harder hit areas home values are decreasing at significantly lower rates.

While the news is certainly not staggering it is encouraging because it indicates that real estate markets across the Country are leveling out.  Home values are falling less sharply and people are being drawn back into the real estate market.  It is no surprise what is stimulating the market.  Low home values, low interest rates and the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit have combined to create an ideal buyer’s market.

For more information on the latest info click here for a report from Yahoo real estate.

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