Helpful Tips on Finding Your Home…

Of the many things on your to-do list when house shopping, “stress” should not top the list.

Granted, buying your first home, or simply a “new” home, is a major event and brings about many issues to deal with and decisions to make, but why not make it fun?

The key to being able to enjoy this exciting time in your life is to be organized. Don’t allow all the options to overwhelm you. Lay out your list of things to-do, then work the list.

At the top of that list should be to find a GREAT realtor! There are many “good” Realtors out there, but why settle for “good” when GREAT is an option?

Allow your realtor to do their job and take the stress off of you! They want to help in any way possible and have the tools necessary to make the process of house hunting an enjoyable one! Using the MLS makes finding your dream  home a breeze with the criteria you provide!

Next, getting pre-approved really helps with the entire process. It allows you to have a very accurate idea of what you can afford to pay for your future home. It also tells the bank, your realtor and potential sellers that you are serious about buying and organized in your approach!

Now that you’ve found the “perfect” realtor and are pre-approved, you need to provide your realtor with a top ten list. This list should include the top ten priorities or desires you have for your future home. Location, size and price are usually at the top of the list somewhere and then you can begin to think about the details that are important to you! It’s exciting, right? Think about the things that are comforting to you; that will send a home over the top. A nice den with a fireplace or a great back yard? The sky is the limit!

Finally, believe that the “Perfect” home for you is out there! Don’t stress over looking at several homes, look at it as an opportunity to fine tune your criteria! Embrace the blessing of being able to choose where you will continue the next phase in your journey through life!

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