5087 Palermo Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244

5087 Palermo Rd,

Cincinnati,OH, 45244  

$420,000, 4 Beds,4 Baths, 3,520 SqFt

DSC07589All brick, two story executive home located in Polo Fields.4 Bedrooms,4.5baths,bonus room upstairs,front & back stair cases,and a room off the full bath that can have many uses.There is a large living & office rounding out the main floor.Wonderful level backyard with a screen porch & paver patio.spacious 3 car garage Finished LL w/ Bar & Media Room


  • Baths: 4 full, 1 half
  • Lot: 0.69 acres
  • Single Family
  • Built in 2000
  • Price/sqft: $119
  • MLS #: 1500658

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784 Fairway Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45245
For Sale: $117,000
3 beds | 1 baths | 1,316 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 19 61
Search List Views: 1,881 4,330
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3900 Jefferson Ln, Amelia, OH 45102
For Sale: $195,000
3 beds | 2 baths | 1,780 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 10 42
Search List Views: 4,154 12,488
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5013 Barnsby Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $238,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,534 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 42 491
Search List Views: 1,917 19,261
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1275 Kilbrannen, Batavia, OH 45103
For Sale: $185,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,153 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 21 143
Search List Views: 1,523 12,614
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5558 Bentwood Dr, Mason, OH 45040
For Sale: $290,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,570 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 50 635
Search List Views: 1,621 16,595
Home photo
674 Dorgene Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $350,000
4 beds | 4 baths | 3,508 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 26 400
Search List Views: 984 13,866
Home photo
4141 Race Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45211
For Sale: $70,000
3 beds | 2 baths | 1,533 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 9 263
Search List Views: 766 26,629
Home photo
1149 Westchester Way, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $310,000
4 beds | 3 baths | 2,920 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 20 683
Search List Views: 1,058 24,669
Home photo
5141 Chukker Point Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244
For Sale: $415,000
4 beds | 5 baths | 3,323 sqft
Days on Zillow: — days
Detail Page Views: 16 594
Search List Views: 903 29,993

Polo Fields Homes for sale http:www.HomesPolo.com
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Polo Fields Homes for sale http:www.HomesPolo.com

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